Thursday, 21 April 2016

Return to The Ngunguru River

Sunday January 31st. This time Millan Ruka, his wife, Shirl and myself traveled from Clements Quarry all the way to Coalhill Ln. Mode of travel was mostly by Millan's inflatable waka,  by paddling, carrying, dragging and lowering the waka over rapids and waterfalls. It was a grand day out. It was a huge 11.5 hour day, 14 kilometre day on the river, our river.
There was only one mishap where I fell then slithered or washed down a chute of cascading water. Got a bit injured but not too bad. The chute is on the right in the photo.

On our last adventure down the river we viewed this huge columnar basalt boulder.

This time we found several more areas with basalt columns and this boulder above.

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