Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sonya's Girls

On Saturday we moved bees from one of our hives into Sonya's new Flow Hive. We started by moving our hive to one side and placed the flow hive on exactly the same footprint our hive occupied. We then transferred the frames one at a time from our brood boxes to Sonya's brood boxes and then put her hive back together.
The bees immediately settled in and even the returning foraging bees went straight in. We could see through the side window that in no time at all some were exploring the new Flow frames.
All good and exciting. The exchange went very well.
Sonya's girls will live at our place and she will manage them here.
We are  all interested in how well this new Flow Hive System will work. It could be the future thing for amateurs who only have a few hives.

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