Thursday, 3 December 2015

Our Ngunguru River 29th November 2015

This blog is an extra to the previous one.
To see all of the photos in order from the Quarry downstream go to our Google Drive

One of the most scenic areas that could be classed as being in the Tutukaka Coast is the Ngunguru River between Omaikao Road and Ngunguru Road. The river descends through a steep sided gorge for the whole 14km. For the whole distance the sides are covered with native bush with well established large trees. The larger ones being Kauri, Totara, Rimu, Taraire, Towai and Rewarewa. All typical  of Northland bush. The understory is interesting also where for the whole distance Taurepo abounds. As a bonus it was in flower. There is much Kawakawa, Kiekie, Kareao and loads of epiphytes. We also noted several Neinei and even one stunning little orchid in flower.
The river is quite stunning. There are beautiful quiet calm stretches with overhanging trees interspersed with small waterfalls and rapids. Some of the quiet hidden pools had a small group of Pateke.

In several places the basalt rock can be seen, The two most notable are a large basalt column boulder. and down near where we exited a straight face with columns at its base.

It is a difficult walk that requires some fitness. It took us about nine hours to complete cover  nine kilometres of river. We have five kilometres remaining to check out. We are looking forward to another big day on the river.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I lived there for 10 years and didn't know it existed.

Unknown said...

That's awesome