Sunday, 27 September 2015

Orchids in The Hugh Crawford Reserve - Ngunguru

Updated Blog: We just had to go and check some of the orchids out again on October 4th. They are Singularybas Oblongus. Although reasonably common in this bush I think it is my favourite. Total height when flowering is about 15mm.

Kiwi keeps coming back to its hole

It looks like this may be home for kiwi for the season. Exciting. Once inside it starts to dig some more.

Inquisitive rat also came to check the hole out.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Ngunguru Sandspit Reserve - Pi Manu

On Saturday we were invited by Forest and Bird to go on an orchid hunt on the sand spit. We did find two species; an onion orchid and one other. Also found a comb fern. No photos.
I did, however take a few shots of the reserve for interests sake. It is a wonderful wilderness.

New finds in the Hugh Crawford

Well, new to us anyway. Last weekend we explored the bush with a friend with knowledge of our native orchids. With over 160 species of native orchids it is not surprising that we found a few. All this only a couple of hundred meters from our door.

We also found a Dracophyllum. These are very rare in our area. See the bottom for photos.
Hooded Orchid

Orchid - Acianthus sinclairii

Spider Orchid - Corybas trilobus

Singularybas Oblongus

Singularybas Oblongus

Singularybas Oblongus

Dracophyllum sinclairii

Dracophyllum sinclairii