Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Our Beautiful Country - Easter Hike from Tapotupotu to Te Paki Stream via Cape Reinga in the Far North of New Zealand

What a wonderful country we have. Over Easter Melva, myself and our friends, Bridget and Jakub hiked and camped on the Cape Reinga Coastal Walkway. We dropped a car at the end of Te Paki Stream Road then drove on to the Tapotupotu  Bay DOC camp where we camped the first night.

We walked from the yellow dot in the North to the one in the south between the massive Te Paki dunes. This is the first section of Te Araroa to Bluff. We enjoy hiking sections but no plan to hike to Bluff

Melva at our Tapotupotu camp
The next day we hiked over the hills and Sandy Bay to Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga) - and then on to Te Werahi. The views down to Te Werahi and over Cape Maria van Dieman to Motuopao are stunning. At the West end of Te Werahi we climbed over the ancient dunes and down through scrub land to Twilight beach where we camped the second night at a small DOC camp near the South end of the beach. Total 20.25Km  We had walked far enough for one day in the sun with full packs.

Climbing from Tapotupotu Bay

View over Tapotupotu to Serville Cliffs. New Zealand's most Northern point

Sandy bay to Te Rerenga Wairua

Te Rerenga Wairua

Tewerahi beach to Cape Meria van Dieman

From left Melva, Hilton, Jakub and Bridget

The trail to Te Werahi

Te Werahi

Te Werahi reflections

View from Herangi Hill to Te Werahi to Te Rerenga Wairua

 Herangi Hill

Melva and Bridget striding over  Herangi Hill

Cape Meria van Dieman and Motuopao from  Herangi Hill

Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach sunset

Twilight Beach DOC camp
Easter Sunday had us completing the hike over Scott Point, along Ninety Mile Beach to and up the Te Paki Stream to the carpark. We drove back to Tapotupotu, pitched our tents again, had a swim and collapsed all proud of how well we had done with our loaded packs. Another 15Km completed
All up it was a 35Km Hike.

Twilight Beach

Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach

Te Paki Stream

Te Paki Stream and our Easter trail end.

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