Sunday, 29 March 2015

Coprosma Berries

Wow! look at our Coprosma growing in our wetland. The fruit are large for a Coprosma. They range from white to purple and are really nice to eat. Very sweet. The best Coprosma berries we have tasted.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Summer Produce

Our home ground

Ratty's Landing is such a lovely place to live. Nature surrounds and includes us. Matata introduce dawn from the wetland. Sun rises and floods the sky with colour.

Yesterday Melva found one of the Brown Quail chicks struggling on the road. She scooped it up, kept it safe and warm. She gave it some seed which it seemed happy to eat. Today we delivered it to the Native Bird Recovery Centre. It will have a good home there until it can be released.

Pasifika in Auckland

We went to Pasifika in Auckland. If one visits New Zealand in mid March Pasifika in Auckland should be on the must do list. It is New Zealand. We are a Pacific Island. It is fun to explore and learn about our neighbouring Islands and what they have brought to New Zealand.
The park was divided into Villages. One for each Island group. Each performed their own music and dancing. Fantastic.

We have really been missing drinking coconuts.