Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Still All About Fernbirds

Our Matata nest is busy now. The two parents are busy coming and going feeding the four chicks.

Tonight at about 8pm we observed at least 10 Matata in the wetland. Also the mud is a mass of trails from Pukeko, Spotless Crake, Banded Rail and Heron.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Matata - Fernbirds Nesting - Working Arrangements

Observing the Fernbirds nesting in our wetland we discovered that the sitting parent, after about half an hour on the nest, sneaks about 5 metres away from the nest through the rushes then flys off to a point some distance away then calls. It seems like it is calling “Your turn.” The mate answers then flys in and sneaks back through the rushes to the nest where it again sits on the eggs. This happens regularly about every half hour.

Also yesterday evening after 7pm we stood on the boardwalk and watched numerous pairs of Matata calling and moving about through the rushes and flying. As secretive as they are they cannot help themselves. They just have to have a look and see who is watching them so they pop up onto the tops of the rushes or ribbon wood.