Friday, 10 October 2014

Kiwi Calling

Most nights for the last couple of months we have been hearing a male Kiwi calling in our valley.
Every day we see Brown and Californian Quail.
The wetland chirps almost continually with the calls from the many Matata.
Today the Banded Rail added its squawk.
Yesterday morning we heard the Spotless Crake.
Pi, Melva's friendly Piwakawaka, has a mate and a nest. It continually shuttles back and forth from the compost bin to the Manuka where their nest is located.
Riroriro warbles its bell like call in the Kanuka. No sign of nesting but they must be nesting near.
Pipiwharauroa sings and sings from the bush.
The bittern flew over again yesterday.
There is a lot happening at our place.
Take a walk on the yellow tracks and boardwalk shown in the picture below.

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