Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Grand Day Out - Matata Wetland Boardwalk Opening - Saturday 28th June 2014

What a lovely day it has been. Somewhere between 30 and 50 friends and friends of friends arrived at our place this morning to celebrate the completion of the boardwalk. There were visitors from The Whangarei District Council, The New Zealand Ornithological Society, Forest and Bird, Local Land Care groups, Walking Access New Zealand, Local walking groups and friends. What a wonderful turnout.

The task today was to walk on a flagged track in the Hugh Crawford bush reserve and on the two kilometre Waiotoi Track. They are both delightful bush loop trails that start at our house.
To start the day Jim Gansell read a poem that Linda and Jim wrote for the occasion. It is perfect and very fitting for the occasion. At lunch time many came and picnicked on our deck. It was fun to meet everyone with lots of chatter about the nature around us on this special spot.


(For Hilton and Melva on the occasion of the opening of their boardwalk
28th June 2014.)

The shy fern birds looked up to see
well dressed planks and two bare feet.
Towering above was Hilt,
haulin’ ‘n” huffin’,
cursin’ ‘n’ cussin’
over every inch he built.
By pulleys ‘n wedges,
 nails ‘n kedges.

Over months it took shape
set bees abuzzing, bird beaks agape.
What is He doing, why is He here?
He should be with Melva, He lives over there.

Now twitter has spread the word
and the natural kingdom has heard
of a Landmark thru wetland to wood
and a launch event in their neighbourhood.
Oh woe spluttered Ratty
-  it’s Melva or me
How can I get to this ceremony?
No don’t get rattled -
it can be  Melva and me...
‘Cos I have a split personality!

For the tweet went like this:
Old Mill Lane is the place to be -
Saturday June 28th, come and see!
Where we can watch humans and hear them talk
For they have built us an observation boardwalk.

By Linda Donaldson, Jim Gansell and matata June 2014

Today's special treats were the wonderful aroma of the Alseuosmia Banksii flowers that saturated the lower slopes of the Hugh Crawford bush, seeing Fernbirds, hearing Spotless Crake and finding a Gray Warblers nest (Last summers) and, of course, meeting and talking with everyone.
Thank you all.

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