Sunday, 11 May 2014

Th Hugh Crawford DOC Reserve

Looking from the reserve back over our wetland
After recently completing the Matata Boardwalk across our wetland to the Hugh Crawford Reserve we have now flagged a loop trail that runs through the reserve and up through and past a good stand of Kauri then back to the boardwalk. It will take you about an hour. Much longer if you are inquisitive about all you find. In the first half of the trail there is an abundance of Alseuosmia Banksii, (Toropapa) that beautifully fragrant under story shrub.
We have also installed signs requesting visitors to spray their footwear (Or bare feet) to help prevent Kauri Die back. Thanks to the Northand Regional Council who supplied the signs, spray and brushes. Do please spray your shoes, or bare feet. There is no Kauri Die back here and we do not want to introduce it.
The end of the boardwalk, start of the trail

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