Thursday, 20 February 2014

Honey Day

Yesterday Melva spun the first honey from her hives. She had nine full frames, each with about two kilos of honey. Hopefully that will get us through the year. They are still working hard but will need all that they can store away for the winter. Dear ladies.

As it turned out the frames had cooled too much and the honey would not spin out easily so only two frames were spun. We will have to place the remainder in a heated room for a while then spin them. Had we spun the frames immediately after taking them all would have been good. The hive is always 37 degrees C inside.
We live and learn. Looks good though.

Today, 23rd February Hilton spun the remaining frames. Currently we have a bucket of honey with a strainer on top all weighing 17 Kg. Tastes great too. Should get a few jars of liquid gold.

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