Sunday, 8 September 2013

That Spring Feeling

Melva's Mild Unknown Chilli
Melva's Mild Unknown Chilli
Saturday - Here are Melva’s very mild Chilli that have been growing in pots in our lounge through the winter ready for planting out. We don't know what kind. Let us know if you do. The next photo is of the fruit.

Freesias, peach trees, Kowhai, Clematis, karo are all blooming. Melva is working in the garden on this beautiful sunny day so that we and our visitors have fresh home grown through the summer and beyond.

Fantail is collecting nesting material from the Wheki and the Hawk is calling from way up high.


Sunday - This morning we went down to Rauhomaumau beach and collected kelp to lay under the potatoes when they are planted.