Sunday, 21 July 2013

Later the same day

We didn't catch any fish to keep so explored instead. Don't forget that this is winter in Northland.
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Mid Winter - July 21st Sunny - 18 deg Celcius

Hebe Flower
Winter in Northland doesn't mean cold, miserable weather. It just means it is not summer so it's a little cooler, but the weather is much the same. Today is a stunner. Sunny and warm. We are going to take our dinghy out on the ocean and go fishing after lunch.
Hebe Seeds

The Hebe flower was so beautiful in our bush by the drive I just had to take its photo.
Meyer Lemon

The lemon tree has decided that it wants to live and has fruited well for the first time.

Winter colours. Love them.

Spent an hour of so today moving the last big decking section that I have across to the drain on the other side of the wetland as seen in the bottom photo. Now I start building decking to fill the big gap.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Winter Blooms

This beautiful flower burst out near the end of June. Look closely. The centre petals are orange on some and yellow on others. Not clearly displayed here in this night photo without flash but in the hand the colours are distinctly different. Most unusual we think.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Wetland Walkway to the Hugh Crawford Reserve has started.

More than started. It has got as far as the main drain through the wetland. Nearly half way in distance.
The objective is to get the the reserve. (The bush on the far side of the rushes.) It is normally difficult to get into as there is little safe parking space on Ngunguru Road with its banks and drop offs. Visitors will be able to park in the beginning of Old Mill Lane and access the reserve.
The planks on top of the decking are to skid the large completed sections of decking.