Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Matata Boardwalk across our wetland to the Hugh Crawford Reserve

At last! The boardwalk has started. I have three sections in. About 20m total. The total distance is about 100m. It is being constructed from recycled timber. See photos. The logs are being laid cross ways to the main bearers and are the foundation for the deck. I have about 50m of made up sections. I drag one at a time by car to the site then with the use of a crowbar and a chain block pulling against an anchor on the other side of the wetland I manage to pull the sections into place.
When completed the public will have access to the Department of Conservation Hugh Crawford Reserve. Normally there is little easy access into the reserve from Ngunguru Road. There is good parking at our place and one can explore the reserve from the boardwalk.

It is nice to know others are using my Waiotoi Estuary bush track.

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