Sunday, 10 March 2013

Bees and Bananas

What a summer. It is dry, dry, dry and fine, warm and sunny. A real old fashioned summer.
Whats new? Melva has been mulching and watering the Banana palms and now one has started to flower. It already has one hand of bananas forming. Fantastic! Can't wait to start eating them.
It is fruit bottling time of the year so we have been busy preserving peaches and pears, tomatoes. The garden started cranking up late this year as it was cold before Christmas.

Bumble Bee House

We also have another beehive and today Hilton made a bumble bee house that we have down by our garden.

Because it was nice and hot and dry the whole Califirnian Quail family survived. They raised 10 chicks. At the moment they are roaming all over Rattys Landing and are fun to watch. They are almost fully grown now.

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