Friday, 1 February 2013

A Visit to The Whangapei Harbour

Monday 28th was a public holiday so we took a day off and drove the 185Km to Parawenga on the Whangapei Harbour.
The main objective was to walk the Golden Staircase. Out of season for the Kowhai and its golden bloom for which this track is noted but well worth the walk anyway for its stunning views of the Whangapei Harbour and entrance. The hills are big and the views south into the Warawara Bush Reserve Reserve are woerth the walk. It was 9.7Km and about 2 hour 30minute return to the highest point on the track. The coast is probably about one more hours walk.
The track starts as a beach walk then climbs along a ridge heading west to about 220m then descends to the coast.
Visit the old church near the old Pa site. We must return and camp away a night or two and walk out to the coast.

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