Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pipiwharauroa has arrived

Pipiwharauroa (Shining Cuckoo) has arrived. It is in the trees above the house singing, singing.. "I am here, I have arrived safe after my 1000 mile (2510 Km) non stop flight from Vanuatu or the Soloman Islands. Where are you my mate." They fly back to the same site to lay their egg in a Gray Warblers nets every year. It is nice to know we saw this little fellow last year and probably the year before.

Of course the arrival means more than that to us. It means a change of weather and Spring is really here.
Pipiwharauroa will call until the end of December then go unheard until the next arrival. They depart for the tropics during April.


Carol Middleton said...

Missing your birds (and you!) already. Are these new pix? We are reunited with technology now, as you see.

Melva and Hilton Ward said...

This little fellow was found dead last year. They are still good photos to show what it liiks like.
Missing you too.