Monday, 24 September 2012

A Grand Day Out

We took Sunday off and went for a drive and walk. Way out to the North West beyond time lies the Herekino Harbour. We don't know much about Northlands west coast so off we went to Herekino and its Harbour. It is 193Km from Ngunguru via Pipiwai Road and 180km via state highway 1 and 32km from Kaitaia.

The drive up via Pipiwai Road is very scenic though much of it is unsealed. Still worth the drive amongst the big hills forest and bush.

We drove to Herekino then took Owhata Road to its end about half way down the south side of the harbour then walked to the entrance by skirting the shore. This is easiest done with the tide down a bit as rocky parts would be difficult to traverse.
It is a beautiful isolated place.

Looking west to the entrance.
It is a small very clean sandy harbour
Round concretion boulders. These four
were interesting in that each one was quite
different to the next
The West Coast. Isolated and
beautiful on a calm day

East up the harbour to Mt Herekino

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pipiwharauroa has arrived

Pipiwharauroa (Shining Cuckoo) has arrived. It is in the trees above the house singing, singing.. "I am here, I have arrived safe after my 1000 mile (2510 Km) non stop flight from Vanuatu or the Soloman Islands. Where are you my mate." They fly back to the same site to lay their egg in a Gray Warblers nets every year. It is nice to know we saw this little fellow last year and probably the year before.

Of course the arrival means more than that to us. It means a change of weather and Spring is really here.
Pipiwharauroa will call until the end of December then go unheard until the next arrival. They depart for the tropics during April.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Seen it all before

We do repeat ourselves, don't we?
This time it is the Kumerahou in flower at our neighbours place. We have never seen such a patch of blooms before. Stunning!
The other is our little fantail friends. Every evening, as it cools off or starts to get colder one comes to the bird bath for a dip and a wash. It flits in  and out and flutters and shakes its self dry. For such small birds that are affected by the cold we are surprised that they wash at that time of day.
I also took a walk around my track along the Waiotoi Valley. Beautiful in the afternoon.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Tutukaka Coast Loop Road

I have sold the first print run of my book, The Tutukaka Coast Loop Road, so now it is being reprinted. Fantastic!
Here is the text from the back cover: -
This 70 kilometre loop road from Whangarei returning via Hikurangi is one of the mostscenic roads in New Zealand. It doesn't have the South Islands mountains, rivers or lakes but what it does to see and do is different and very special.
This book is for you if you like bush, beached, boats and diving. It is all about nature.
 ISBN 978-0-473-22401-1
The 48 glossy paged book can be purchased from me, The Whangarei Tourist Informattion Centres, SaltAir Cafe at Ngunguru, The Tutukaka General Store and Dive Tutukaka for just $12.00.


The neat thing about seasons is that you get to see all the changes again and again. All the neat things. The changes are never exactly the same though. Its like watching waves on the ocean. They are all waves but all different to the next.
Kumerahou is in full bloom. It's yellow pompoms lighting up in different places this year but no less spaectacular. The leaf litter in the bush is full of hooded orchids of various kinds. Toropapa has finished but Kowhai and Clematis are colouring the bush. Birds are pairing up and claiming territory. Blackbird scraps are common. Tui is rocketing through the branches like a jet fighter claiming and defending his claim. They are bullys! Three Weta have moved into the weta house.
Warmer days now.
Last sunday, the 2nd September about 180 locals visited our beautiful sandspit  and walked its 2.7 km beach to celebrate one year in public ownership. It was a wonderful communal day out. Gray old day but everyone had fun. It is such a special place. We will be forever thankful to those that took up the battle to prevent it from being turned into yet another disaster of exclusive housing. Unless one has a boat it is difficult to get to.
There was even a dead 9 metre whale on the beach.
Wanganui Collegiate Hockey team enjoying the Sandspit. They were visiting Whangarei for a tournament.