Friday, 1 June 2012

Bathing birds
In all my days I have not had the privilege of watching a fantail bath at a bird bath. Now twice I have watched the antics and it certainly is not a frequent occasion. Our bird bath has been used mostly by silver eyes and I reckon there must be a about six birds in there at a time and fantail has been on the edge getting the splashes. Other humans have only seen fantail more or less dipping their tails in the water.
I think the answer to this is that the water is mostly too deep for fantail and I have only seen them when the bath is mostly empty, they are after all quite small birds and a bath to suit bigger birds will not suit them. I only wish I could have got a photo but the camera battery was flat :-(

Collecting food at Rattys Landing is getting a tad nerve wracking. Twice now when collecting rhubarb I have disturbed a large WETA and it gives me quite a fright and this last one also got a fright and jumped out in my direction. Thank goodness I did not react too instantly and it did not come to harm from me. I cannot hold them when they are big and don't  like the idea one bit.

Oh yes this will make one smile, they are a good incentive to stop one drinking, one got into the house and was nicely settled on the neck of a bottle of wine in the downstairs cupboard. It quite stopped me in my reach, for that bottle anyway :-)

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