Monday, 30 April 2012

Garden friend

It's certainly cooling down and my friend Piwakawaka(fantail) is back at the compost bin. It knows that large black bin is a source of food and especially when I go there to put food scrapes in and give it a stir. Flitting in my face this charming little bird eats plenty, it is sometimes waiting on one of its perches and cheeping its high pitched cheep. OPEN this bin it could be saying,(Hilton reckons they are sharpening their beaks) more likely its claiming the site for itself as when another Piwakawaka flies in it seems my friend hurries it off. Any way winter may be close by but there won't be any dull days with Piwakawaka in our lives at the compost bin.Its been a fantastic summer with travellers, all types of wonderful people to enlighten us about their countries.
On the other side its been wonderful to have many New Zealanders passing through, great to have them enjoying our lovely area of the country.
We go into Winter enjoying the company of the many birds that have been with us over the summer months, watching Silver eyes bathing at the bird bath, Thrush singing in the morning, Piwakawaka cheeping through the trees, Chaffinch doing his bit on the song scene and probably Tui doing their amazing flying through the Totara trees. Don't let Winter be dull.

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