Sunday, 12 February 2012

Summer, so different to spring

Summer, so different to spring. It is quite hot now and dry. Cuckoo has finished calling. They have mated, laid their eggs in the hosts nests so no need for song. Now they just wait for the weather in April to return to the tropics. Kingfisher dive-bombs us as we walk past its squawking nest in the bank by the road. It shouldn’t be so stressed as we will not harm it. Matata have raised their families and now we have more than ever. The fantails have had a good year and so have most birds. The garden is a little late but going well with tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, egg plant, pumpkins, salad plants, carrots, beet root, rats tail radishes, rhubarb and more. The early blackberries have almost finished and the late ones starting. The big sunflowers are fantastic and light the morning.

Hilton has been busy cutting and clearing the old track around the shore of the Waiotoi River. So far it is a half hour each way and it has about as far to go again. Total length will be about 1.2 km. The aim is to join with the road and track to the old mill and waterfall further up the valley. The green line is the track.