Monday, 14 November 2011

Fantail chicks

Two weeks ago we noticed the first of the Fantail chicks. I could hear the tiny chatter of young chicks as I came up the walkway. Sure enough there in the Kanuka were four young chicks being fed by two adults. The chicks do not have the markings of the parents so are just dark heads and quite brown chests. Just so sweet.
But they are not able to handle cool weather.This day was cloudy enough for them to be crowding each other out on a branch. I had to smile, they reminded me of piglets trying to keep warm.  There is plenty of food for them but four chicks are a lot to feed. We have read that its usually the male that feeds the fledglings as the female starts to sit on another clutch, so we were interested to see two adults feeding these little guys.
Grey Warbler is also feeding chicks in the Kanuka, its all very busy with young birds around here.
We have noticed Green Finches this year. That is great to see as when we first moved here we did not see any. The trapping and baiting for rats is working. (sorry Ratty)

The last photo was taken on the walk to to the Tutukaka lighthouse. This chick and its siblings were being fed in a sunny spot on a cold day. To warm up they fanned their wiwngs out.

The vegetable garden is taking shape but some things are slow and today I discoverd the runner beans I planted early just rotted. Maybe they had got damp in the packet, but now I am several weeks behind.
Fantail chicks keeping warm

Tucker time

This chick was keeping warm on the lighthouse track

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