Sunday, 11 September 2011

Our Kowhai and Spring

Our Kowhai is in full bloom. We have never seen it like this before. We think its success is partly due to the Possum trapping that we are doing. Between them and the Kereru it usually loses most of its leaves over summer. Last summer it was real leafy and now the blooms are fantastic. 
Our Kowhai

Dancing Green Hooded Orchids

Our Kowhai by the Waiotoi River

Our different native trees flower at different times all year but Kowhai really signifies spring. There are others. Clematis is beautiful in the bush and Orchids are blooming. The Green Hooded Orchids look like they are performing a Spring Ballet. Toropapa smelt wonderful as we walked in the bush last weekend. Kowhai does it though. They are spectacular. Phillip Island in the Tutukaka harbour is a gold ingot. There is a hillside on the Hoteo River that will be gold al over. There are native floral occurrences for every month of the year. It is easy to love the bush.

I bought a 5m USB extension cord so that I can drive the camera from the laptop and have the camera at the Tui feeding trough near the deck. Looking forward to the photos.

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