Monday, 12 September 2011

Interesting critters in the compost

This end is the head, pretty small.

Today I needed to open the tube of compost so that this evenings rain can dampen it. After lifting off the wood I spied a different worm. A Land Flatworm, (Geoplana)I have seen them on other occasions but did not bother to photograph the speciman. Today I did. We have many in New Zealand and a more common one is the brownish one we see on Flax. I have read they eat earthworms so I am happy that there are not a lot here at Rattys Landing as earthworms are very precious, we do not have a lot in this clay soil.Another nice find was a lovely brown Skink tucked under a pile of decaying Kikuyu.

One does have to take care when pulling apart vegetation, you never know who is living there.This picture shows the worm stretched out to almost 10cm. When I first saw it, it was quite wide as it was asleep but this picture shows it stretched out as it moves over the container.

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