Saturday, 6 August 2011

Is it really spring?

Borage and bee
It seems that we have had winter. Before and during our holiday in July it was cold and wet. Could happen again before spring really sets in. Today was warm and sunny.

I reckon spring is here now. The Mingimingi in flower smells wonderful. Hangehange and Coprosma are starting to flower.
Borage, Herb Robert and Heather are all blooming. The Arum lilies are in full bloom. Manuka has started its bloom early. It never really stopped this year. Next, it will be Kowhai and Clematis. They should be flowering already. It will take a trip too Tutukaka to find out. Green Hooded Orchids have nearly finished but Onion and Leek Orchids are still coming on. The Kauri seeds I planted are now 50mm high.
Fantail on the compost bin
  There is always something happening. Amongst all this Tui has taken over the bird feeding trough. Fantail, when he sees us, demands the opening of the compost bin lid for an easy meal. Chaffinch likes the open compost bin too. Bees are putting in a full day that begins with Thrush and Matata doing their song and ends with dusk.