Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Piwakawaka makes it seem like a sunny day

Gosh how the time flies,its Tuesday already.We did a walk into the Hugh Crawford Reserve on Sunday afternoon and had a delightful explore, as we always do.
It seems to be the time for fungi and we found two more that we have not seen in our travels.
A very small orange one that we think may be a Coral fungi and and creamy one that was all tiny spikes, it looked like coral too but it seems it was Spine or Tooth Fungi. Very interesting looking fungi.
Today was very quite and dull. Well the weather was but there is always Fantail cheeping in your face in the winter time, and our little friend who likes the compost bin opened so it can get the bugs was there to brighten the day. I thought there were plenty of bugs without the bin needing to be opened. Its just never dull with our little Piwakwaka friend about.
The Silver Eye have found the Yellow Guava with nearly ripe fruit, I guess they are more tasty than the Coprosma berries.    
 The orange fungi to the left is what we think is the Coral Fungi and the white one is what we think is the Spine or Tooth Fungi.