Sunday, 26 June 2011

Night time excurtions. Weta rules.

Its like a war zone here as far as the vege garden is concerned. I have used slug and snail baits but the desecration continues. Feeling a little desperate I went out on a night excursion to see who or what was eating my mustard lettuce, rhubarb and the cape gooseberry's along with all the others that were showing the ravages of chewing whatevers.
Torch in hand and plenty of determination out I ventured, and after finding plenty of snails and large slugs on the first mentioned I was feeling pretty satisfied.
Off to the chilli plant that had holes munched in the green ones, it had to be a snail. Bare hands and torch aimed at the top of the plant I started rummaging around to find the snail, OOOPS it seems its Weta who is eating the chilli, well I am not about to grab a Weta with my bare hands, they look way more fierce than they are as they are vegetarian and would only bite when put under great stress and I was not about to put that creature under stress.