Monday, 6 June 2011

Coastal walk from Sandy Bay to Whananaki

Ringa Ringa, Araraiti and Whananaki beaches
Woke up to the sun so changed our days plan. Go for a walk. The Tutukaka Coast area has wonderful walks. There was one we had not been on. That is the part of Te Ara Roa Walkway between Sandy Bay and Whananaki. The sun was out and it was warm. Wonderful.  

We were on the track at 9am from McAuslin Road, Sandy Bay where we parked the car. There had been a North East blow that had kicked up a sizable swell, wave watching and the roaring rumbling surf destroying itself on the rocks was an entertainment along most of the track. One after the other there are stunning bays all the way. Some are selfishly guarded with Private Property, Keep out signs. Don't worry, Araraiti Bay is welcoming and gorgeous. We discovered stunning coastal views as most of the track is well above sea level. One of the best being from the Capitaine Beauganville Memorial. That is a 45 minute return track and well worth the easy walk. The view from there is from the point at Matapouri to the Rimariki Islands North of Whananaki. Stunning view down to Ringa Ringa, Araraiti and Whananaki Beaches.
At Araraiti we were welcomed by Mrs Mackey who told us some of her family history of the area dating back to Maori arrival in the area. We sat on a bench on the seaside in front of her house for lunch then started the walk back to Sandy Bay.
Most of the track is actually farm road. What isn't is still very easy going. We did it bare foot. The walk took us about 3hrs going and 2 hrs returning. Add another 2hrs if going all the way to the
Whananaki  store for an ice cream. We took our time and stopped a lot for photos.
Terrific walk. Loved it.