Sunday, 29 May 2011

Whangarei Heads Walk

Yesterday we went for a walk up and along the Whangarei Heads track. Spectacular scenery and first class bush. This is one of the finest day walks I have been on. We saw Kaka and Bellbird along with a huge variety of plant species. The views all along the track are fantastic. Te Whara is spectacular as are the other lava pillars. Mt Lion is the next peak with a beutiful view of Smugglers Cove then the track decends to the ridge above Smugglers Cove.

It is a bit of a workout. From Ocean Beach it's a long up hill haul to the bush. From there there are only a few shorter level pieces. Otherwise it is mostly up and down on an unformed track. Very easily done bare foot and a great day out. Generally a minimum of five hours is needed. Best to have two cars to save a four and a half kilometre road walk back to your car.

It was so good we can't stop talking about it.