Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nursary Spider at Ratty's Landing

Today we found this huge Nursary Spider that has made a home for it's family on a Ponga frond right near our deck.

Whangarei Heads Walk

Yesterday we went for a walk up and along the Whangarei Heads track. Spectacular scenery and first class bush. This is one of the finest day walks I have been on. We saw Kaka and Bellbird along with a huge variety of plant species. The views all along the track are fantastic. Te Whara is spectacular as are the other lava pillars. Mt Lion is the next peak with a beutiful view of Smugglers Cove then the track decends to the ridge above Smugglers Cove.

It is a bit of a workout. From Ocean Beach it's a long up hill haul to the bush. From there there are only a few shorter level pieces. Otherwise it is mostly up and down on an unformed track. Very easily done bare foot and a great day out. Generally a minimum of five hours is needed. Best to have two cars to save a four and a half kilometre road walk back to your car.

It was so good we can't stop talking about it.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Matata - Fernbird

We hear them all the time. If we take time to stop we usually see them. We have about eight on this small wetland. Today Melva saw two making a lot of noise and moving about on one patch. Are they setting up camp for breeding? It does seem that they stay together or near each other all the time. Dear little birds
The Thrush is singing for his spot also, its getting crowded in this spot since we have been trapping for rats, stoats, weasels and possums.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The morning walk

This morning the 25th May while we were doing our rounds of the traps and bait stations, down by the Waiotoi River we had the silient company of Ruru. It was not quite light at 7am but it should have been tucked up for the day we thought, however it flew into the Totora tree and sat there looking about then flew off as silient as it arrived. Ruru is the Maori name for the New Zealand owl Morepork.

It was a quiet day for birds but Fantail did join me in the garden for a while asking for the compost bin to be opened. I obliged.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Life at the Riverbank

Day one. It is nearly June. Winter nears. Its never that cold here in the north but still the garden slows and birds start to chase each other about. Fantails in our face and very chatty. Fernbird lets us know he is there in the mornings too.
We can brag a little too. The website Travelbug awarded The Riverbank Homestay and B&B
The Best Reviews for 2011 for a B&B in New Zealand