Thursday, 22 July 2021

Green Geko

 Today we were lucky to be visited by the beautiful Green Geko. It was in the Kanuka right beside our deck.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Our Wetland birds - May 14th 2021

 This week our Trail Camera recorded Banded Rail, Ducks (Probably Grey and Pateke) White Faced Heron, Australasian Bittern and a small Shag (Either Little or Little Black)

The video is 4 minues long but great to watch the feeding antics. Heron shuffling its feet, Bittern hunting about and Banded Rail cranking on the pace.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

The Boardwalk is Now Complete

With the addition of a boarwalk down the far side of the drain there is now a loop walk from the carpark. This will improve access for the Ngunguru School Wetland Classroom and anyone who visits the wetland. It is particularly useful for birders and photographers who wish to snap the resident Mātātā (Fernbirds), Mioweka (Banded Rail and Puweto (Spotless Crake) or any of the others that may arrive. 

The main boardwalk across the wetland provides access to the tracks in the Hugh Crawford Conservation Reserve.

A huge thankyou goes to the folk who donated timber, nails and time.

They are: Toots Timber (Nails), Noel Herman (Timber and decking) Peter Tuhaka (Decking) Jonathan Schofield (Decking) Steve Marshall (Decking, Galvanised bolts & hangers) Trevor Greggory, Tim Damerell, Nick Marsden, Melva (Labour helpers)

As far as we are concerned our wetland is open to the public. Just angle park your car at the beginning of Old Mill Lane and walk 50 metres up the lane to the signposted boardwalk.

Please there are endangered birds here including Kiwi. No dogs allowed.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

The Ngunguru School Wetland Classroom 2021

Today the Ngunguru School Year 3 and four children visited and spent their day at "The Ngunguru School Wetland Classroom". This is the wetland at our place in Old Mill Ln, Ngunguru. There were 58 children plus parents and teachers. There were five stations that the children rotated round. Ther stations were: Wetland plants and water quality, Wetland birds, Migratory fish and life in the wetlands, Exploring the kauri forest structure and Te Ao Maori in wetlands.
We were also blessed with the arrival of an Australasian Bittern. It is one of New zealands rarest birds and everyoane got to see it.
Further more as a result of fish trapping with the Gee Minnows traps a new species of fish was discovered. It ia a Gobi and new to New Zealand.